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2018 Gun Resolution: Train Harder!

With the new year upon us, some of you are likely contemplating resolutions for 2018 to acquire new self-defense shooting skills or take some lessons or classes to further refine skills you’ve already learned.  For those of you who are considering the acquisition of a concealed carry permit, you may be looking for the best qualification courses.  One of the most difficult aspects of responsible firearms ownership and skills development is finding courses and instructors you can trust to deliver on their promises.

We have three recommendations for you in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area that might prove helpful in selecting a course or instructor who will meet your needs.

Courses Offered by Historic Arms Corporation

Historic Arms Corporation (operating under the name “Firearm Training Store”) offers several courses that are worth considering.  They have a course that will qualify you in one sitting for a Virginia resident concealed carry permit, as well as a Utah non-resident permit recognized in 39 states.  They also offer separate courses that will qualify you for a Virginia or a Utah concealed carry permit.  The Firearm Training Store has been doing this for a long time and their instructors are excellent.  They also provide you with applications for a Virginia or Utah permit, and for a Utah permit, they take care of the required fingerprinting and photographs.

They also offer classes in which they help you build your own AR-15, M1911, or AK-47 semi-auto.  I have watched them do it, and their students clearly enjoy the experience of building their own firearm.

Visitors to the Firearm Training Store’s web page will see that the National Firearms Law Institute’s Virginia law of self-defense course has been a featured course at the Firearm Training Store.  However, sign-ups for NFLI’s Virginia LOSD course are now handled exclusively here on the NFLI web page.

One-On-One Firearms Instruction and Self Protection Training by Joseph Simms

For those of you seeking to improve your shooting skills or to get serious about self-protection, we strongly recommend Joseph Simms.   Joseph is formally trained in executive protection and has spent 25 years studying conflict and strategy.  I have taken a shooting skills course from Joseph and he quickly and easily improved my handgun accuracy and tactical shooting capabilities.  His grasp of handgun shooting technique is second to none, his teaching style is remarkably effective, and you cannot help but enjoy the experience with him.

In addition to developing your shooting skills, if you are concerned for your personal safety, or your family’s safety, we highly recommend Joseph’s self-protection training course.  Joseph not only teaches core gun handling skills (carry techniques, drawing techniques, target acquisition, and trigger pull), he also teaches a self-protection mindset that gives you the best chance to survive if you ever have to face a critical moment when life hangs in the balance.  Joseph tailors his proven methodology to your individual needs and teaches you one-on-one in your home – no need to spend hours at the range.  In addition, Joseph’s self-protection training program can be adapted to comprehensively address preventive home or business security.

District of Columbia Concealed Carry Qualification Course Offered by James Wiggins, Jr.

If you are thinking about acquiring a concealed carry permit for the District of Columbia, the District requires you to take a rather lengthy firearms training course (16 hours of classroom time and 2 hours of range time!) and qualify on the range with an instructor who has been certified by the District of Columbia’s Metropolitan Police Department.  Following his 30-year career as a DC Fire medic, tactical DC police officer, and a U.S. State Department firearms/close protection instructor-trainer, James Wiggins, Jr. founded Sirius Triggernometry Weapons Academy in Arlington, Virginia.  He is one of the 36 instructors certified by the Metropolitan Police to teach the required D.C. firearm training course and qualify you on the range.  James offers the D.C. qualification course for a reasonable price and knows what he is doing.  This Institute cannot say the same for everyone on the Metro Police Department’s list of certified instructors.

If you have a favorite school or instructor with whom you’ve had a good experience, please contact us and let us know about it.  If we get enough information to warrant it, we will add them to this blog.  In the meantime, from all of us to all of you, stay warm and have a happy, healthy, and safe new year.

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