Mindset Matters

Mindset is pertinent in all that we do. How we set our intent and ready our minds to respond will determine the outcomes of our interactions. Personally, I am a conflict avoidant, I’m sure we could go into some long psychological discussion about why. But, that’s not important; how it has affected my life is. For some reason I never picked up on how to directly address conflict, so I spent a great deal of resources trying to prevent conflict from arising. As you can imagine, that does not work well in the longterm.

Break; I met Mr. Simms in early 2015 at The Gun Dude. Overtime our relationship grew into friendship and later we became business partners. Joseph introduced me to his methodology for developing the mindset through the practice of skills to improve my chances of a successful outcome when addressing conflict regardless of the level. In this instance, my skills with a handgun were the focus. The daily activities combined with range activities further supported by the one-on-one time with Joseph had astonishing outcomes.

Many of you have heard me say “I am not a gun guy”, and that means my skills with my handgun were never sharply honed. After working with Joseph I increased my competency 100 fold. I know that I can rely on my skills with my firearm if I need them…to include moving and shooting at a moving target, yeah it’s actually really simple.

But MOST IMPORTANT I learned how to address the conflict before it devolves, to have the confidence to know that I am equally prepared to prevent, avoid, deescalate, or overcome the conflict regardless of which direction it may go. The feeling is empowering, to be able to say “no” without emotional attachment, to set boundaries, to speak about the hard things up front. The change in mindset is the core of Mr. Simms training.

What’s even better, I didn’t have to change who I was. These skills and confidence were in me already, I just needed some support in understanding how to access them.

In closing, you do not have to choose to receive your training from Mr. Simms, (though I strongly exclaim the value of working directly with Mr. Simms). What is important is that you learn to how to set your mind. Some people go to BUDS and others go to church. Wherever you choose to learn your mindset, learn it well.

Don’t forget, most of the people in the world are good. Say hi to your neighbor, hug your family, enjoy the good things. Happy Thanksgiving.

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