20 Years of Cutting Up Boxes

I have been doing odd jobs to bridge the gap between the shutdown of The Gun Dude and the next step. At one of these jobs I was breaking down cardboard boxes for recycling from the week’s resupply shipment. As I was breaking down the boxes, folding them in a manner allowing for the maximum utilization of space in the box in which I was packing them, I had a vivid memory from my childhood.

At 16 years old I was fortunate to be hired for the position of “Stocking & Delivery Boy” by the Bradford Pharmacy, owned and operated by Mr. Roger Feura. If I recall, his company was my first brush with a brick and mortar shop run by the proprietor. One of my duties was to unpack the deliveries, stock the shelves, and breakdown the boxes for recycling.

It took me a couple of months to get good at breaking down boxes. You know the kind of good I’m talking about, the one where you can mindlessly perform a task at an almost artful level. Even simple tasks can be mastered, in this instance there is a tempo to breaking the boxes down. You must select the next box, orient properly to remove the bottom closure device, overcome bottom closure device, flatten, fold, stick; repeat. Once you get used to your deliveries you know which boxes do what and the process improves in both efficiency and quality. Over time, I began to look forward to the task.

In my own business this was a duty I often participated in as well. Helping to unpack the daily shipments, enter them in the bound book, and break down the boxes for recycling. If the past in anyway predicts the future it looks like breaking boxes down for recycling may be a requisite for all jobs going forward. I guess that’s not that bad, after all it busies the hands so the mind can wander. Here’s to 20 more years of breaking down cardboard boxes!

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