Champagne Adventure Truck On A Beer Budget #awesomeadventuretruck

So who thinks that this new #vanlife is cool but thinks that it would be way cooler to have a vehicle that can actually go places? Ya know, get off the beaten path a little further than the typical 5 inches of ground clearance most vans allow ( when I say most I’m not talking about the huge Quigley 4×4 Vans, which are freaking awesome)

Have you ever seen the adventure rigs that have all the cool gadgets? The ones that seem like they could go to the end of the earth and back with no issues. They have tents on the roof and coolers that are refrigerators and more lights than a airport landing strip. With air compressors and lockers and huge cool tires and wheels and some cool decals of the sponsors who paid the gazillion dollars to build this fancy thing. So you sit there and read all about this and you’re like “that’s the girl I’m gonna marry” ……. I mean truck I’m gonna build. Then you spend the next 30 pack of beer figuring out how you’re going to make this happen. You crack that last beer and take that sip and realize, “hell I barely bought this 30 rack, how am I going to pay to build this thing.” I’ve been there and had that conversation with myself a bunch of times.

I’ve built a few vehicles from rice burner cars (because who didn’t want to be fast and furious at one point) to some pretty extreme barely road legal buggies. And somehow I have always found a way to do it without spending a fortune. So I got to thinking that I want to build a very reliable adventure truck that will go where I want, but can still be a daily driver, have all the cool stuff (or some of it) – and did I say I want it reliable?

So here is what I propose, a ¾ ton ( or whatever cool 4×4 your heart desires) truck that I can go do crazy cool adventures in with the family. The truck needs to handle weight, needs to have power, needs to have room for family and dogs, needs to be cool, needs to fulfill daily driver responsibilities as well as handle a plow. The truck can’t cost me a fortune because I don’t make a lot of money, and I need to have enough extra money a month to build cool stuff for said truck. Most of all, it needs to be a tough base to work from, with a minimal amount of bells and whistles that could potentially leave you hanging out on the trail. All with spending as little as possible, champagne adventure on a beer budget.

So, stay tuned on this adventure with me as I build an adventure rig that is going to take me, my better half and the minion on a lot of cool adventures ( that’s a lot of adventure) #awseomadventuretruck


  1. Dan Karrasch

    Nice job so far Jake. Do you want to make this a 2 rig build as you and I sometimes have different ideas. If so, cool and if not that’s cool also.

    1. Jake karrasch
  2. Chad Newman

    Hey Josh! We have 2) 4X4’s sitting in the yard. A Ford F250 flat bed and a Ford Sportrac waiting to be tinkered on.

    1. Jake karrasch

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