“The best part of waking up…”

I’ve been reading a bunch of those “how to be the whatever you want to be” blogs lately. I’m looking for trends that I can use to “take it to the next level.” Never can tell where inspiration will come from.

Sleep, seems like there is an almost 50/50 split on sleep. Some say get plenty of sleep and others say give up some sleep to increase productivity. So, I’ll likely stick with a 50/50 split myself and get a good nights sleep sometimes and give up a few hours for productivity other times.

Next, morning routines. Almost every “source” recommends some morning regimen that prepares you for a day of kicking butt and taking names. I don’t disagree. Making the bed is a great way to start the day with success…that I just can’t seem to nail down. Since boot camp I refuse to make the bed on principle alone. That makes me chuckle a little, I’m a “unique rebel.”

With all seriousness, I believe there is value in preparing yourself for the day and setting your intent. Say your affirmations, have your cup of coffee, savor the time you have to yourself and set your your mind for a successful day. This morning I used my time to sit by the fire and write a blog to y’all.

Enjoy your day, I hope you find all the greatness you can handle!


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