The Gun Dude Radio Show

Remember when The Gun Dude had a podcast that we recorded with some regularity? I was just Googling around the other day and found it again. A trip down memory lane, but still a good listen if you ask me.

What is your favorite episode?

I personally really enjoyed “The Weapons of Star Wars”

Where else can you learn how to pull the perfect #frenchpress and what inspired some of the firearms in #StarWars? The entire series is full of cool sidebar discussions that are chocked full of tidbits and banter.

Don’t be shy, join The Gun Dude of days gone by for a warm cup of coffee and friendly conversation. It’s almost like being back at the Shop talking to Miah & Jenna. The Gun Dude Radio Show on #NationFirstRadio

A special thanks to Jason Delgado and his team at @GI_Nation for all of the hard work and effort they put into making this show happen. 


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