2018 Resolution: Exercise, The Best Self-Defense

I used to sell guns. I did that for about five years.

I used to be a paramedic. I did that for about ten years.

In both roles I dealt very intimately with life and death on a daily basis. Being a paramedic, that is obvious. But selling guns a life and death matter? Of course, firearms are lethal, but the motivation to own them is often about life and death, at least in the city. 

In my experience my clients often had a fear they were attempting to mitigate by owning, training, and being prepared to utilize a firearm. The fear they felt was often the unknown, shadowy, aggressor intent on doing evil things. I don’t believe it is an unrealistic fear. As animals susceptible to an untimely demise from any number of causes, it is our responsibility to survive. Honestly, the civilization which affords us the privilege to not consider this fact every moment of the day is only a paper thin veil that can be easily penetrated by the reality of natural law.

That said, you know how many gunshot wounds (GSW) I worked in my entire career as a paramedic, including three years in high crime neighborhoods surrounding Pittsburgh, PA? Probably four or five. Do you have any idea how many myocardial infarctions (heart attacks, MI) and strokes I worked? Neither do I, but it’s safe to say a whole crap-ton would be an underestimate.

I don’t recall the statistics, but the likelihood of dying by criminal versus dying by a medical ailment…it’s not even a comparison. We all know, most people die of medical ailments simply by thinking about how many people we know who died by GSW not associated with being deployed.

All of this leads me to say, next time you are thinking of buying a firearm for self defense also consider buying a pair of sneakers and going for a run, doing some yoga, planking, swimming, going for a walk, bypassing (see what I did there, cardiac bypass?) the cakes, etc, etc, etc.

I’m not saying don’t buy a gun. I am saying become more holistic in your preparation for the worst case scenario. Consider the real threats to your life. Put the seatbelt on, change the smoke detector batteries, and go walk that 5K. These are simple, low cost actions that can bring you many more years with your loved ones at a very low risk to life. Best part, they are FREE.

So, as you set your #NewYearsResolution let’s get together and go for a run…for the whole year, and the next year, and the next year. And maybe, just maybe, if you ever need to deploy your firearm you won’t drop dead from a sudden MI due to the intense demand and stress on your body.

Happy New Year! Be well,


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