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I assume most of you reading this blog are like me, or like I used to be. Sitting at a desk dreaming of something more exciting than the meeting to prepare for the next meeting about the last meeting in case so-and-so wants to potentially have a meeting in the future.

Don’t get me wrong, I am you have a cool job, make decent money, and work with pretty good folks. I mean, all in all it probably isn’t that bad. But don’t you catch yourself day dreaming of the mountains. Empty spots in conversations find your mind wandering to the peaks, the dry smell of scrub pine and dust in the breeze washing over your senses as you imagine the sun baking your skin? 

Me too… and fortunately, I had a ready made set of skills available to me so that I could remedy my wanderlust with a weekend adventure. Being a Boy Scout since the second grade does have it’s perks. Admittedly it was not the increased cool factor in high school. However, you can woo a crowd in adulthood when you are the guy that can light the fire. 

But what if that wasn’t you? Not everyone has the benefit of spending a lifetime in the woods. But that should not preclude you from spending the rest of your lifetime in the woods. It is a magical place that recharges, refreshes, and invigorates the soul!

So, how do you learn all of the necessary skills so that you don’t die and can have fun adventuring? I give you “Boy Scout Handbook 2016” the single most comprehensive and easy to understand guide to the basics of woodscraft. Well, at least that I have read. I’m sure there are others, but I like this one.

Here is the current edition which you can find on Amazon. I have not read it yet, so leave a review in the comments if you are familiar with it. 

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If you are able to read at the 12 year old male level you can learn enough from this handbook to successfully handle a weekend backpacking trip… with a little practice beforehand. Once you have a couple trips under your belt and you have tested some of the guidance out, you will start to grow and explore. There are even sections on personal finance and so forth if you need that kind of thing, like I do.

This is the edition of The Boy Scout Handbook that I am most intimately familiar with.

Occasionally I will catch myself thumbing through an old copy, especially the orienteering and navigation chapters. Using a compass to plot a course is still a bit challenging to me and I have to refresh my memory every-time I intend to use that skill.  When you go on your first trip, bring the handbook with you. If you get jammed up, there is nothing wrong with using a reference. 

This is an an old Sea Scout Manual my father gave me for Christmas a couple years back. 

So, to all of you currently adventuring and those soon to be adventuring, pick up a copy of  The Boy Scout Handbook and learn a little something about the outdoors. When you are done pass it on to the next aspiring adventurer or drop it off at the local Boy Scout troop. 

Looking forward to seeing you on the trail!

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