The Pack, A Love Story

North Face Verto 26 & Gregory Whitney 95L

Your adventure life will be filled with many a love story. Instances in which you were swept off your feet at first sight, changed forever, never to return the person you once were. I am not talking about your significant other, though you may find them as well, I am talking about all the cool things you are going to see and do! One nearly universal love story shared by all adventurers is that of picking the perfect pack.  

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North Face Verto 26 & Gregory Whitney 95L
The North Face Verto & Gregory Whitney

As an aspiring adventurer, your list of places to visit and things to do is likely longer than you have time to relate comfortably over a single cup of coffee. There are mountains to climb, cities to explore, and people to meet. This is some serious getting out of your comfort zone kind of stuff, and you are going to need a love story to make it complete. 

As modern-day nomads, you will find creative ways to bring your stuff with you. The obvious choice in how to bring your stuff with you wherever it is that you may go is a backpack. It worked well in grade school, again later in high school, and now your backpack will carry your stuff into the next stage of your life

Gregory Whitney 95L
The Gregory "Whitney"

Five Reasons I

The Gregory "Whitney"

  1. It is big – 95L!
  2. Sturdy
  3. Gear Loops
  4. Shoulder & Hip Padding
  5. “The Brain” is Detachable

For the longest time, my partner in crime and adventure was the Gregory Whitney 95 Pack. I purchased that pack shortly after being stationed in California. I was taking my first trip to Yosemite, a dream of mine since I was in Boy Scouts. I made the decision to purchase the most versatile and awesome pack I could afford. The Whitney was the right pack at that time and accompanied me on the hike up Half Dome, the Garfield Grove in the Sequoia, Five Lakes Basin in Tahoe National Forest, and even a trip across Italy via rail.

As with many relationships over time, my Whitney and I grew apart. It got old, heavy, I looked at it with disdain when I thought of all the stuff I would put in it to carry with me on my short weekend trips. Finally, it came, the night I came home from a weekend hike. My back and shoulders were sore, I was tired, and whats worse was that it was a short near civilization hike!

That was it, I was fed up. I sat down, I looked at my Whitney. Swelled with all the gear I could possibly need in the backcountry. I hefted it onto the bed, frustrated and tired and dumped its contents. I removed everything I had not opened on the trip. When I was done, I realized that the Whitney and I would not always be right for each other. This is not to say that she and I never adventured again, the Whitney is my go-to expedition and mountaineering pack.

What was left on the bed were just a few necessary items that surely did not require the 95L capacity of my beloved Whitney…which I have a terrible habit of using. So, time to meet my next adventure buddy, The North Face Verto 26. I love this pack!

Five Reasons I

The North Face "Verto"

  1. The Weight – 11 oz.
    2. No Frills
    3. Strip-able
    4. “The Brain”
    5. The Minimalist Challenge

North Face Verto 26
The North Face "Verto"

This pack is ultra lightweight at only 11 ounces, so you are not carrying any extra weight so that you can carry weight. The Verto has no frills which help keep its lightweight simplicity. The few frills that do come pre-installed like the hip belt and extra bungee cords are removable. The top pouch or “brain” is not detachable but gives easy access to the items you may need throughout the day. Finally, you will be challenged to fit just enough gear and grub for a weekend.

What I like most about the minimal style of the Verto is that it pushes me to be a better woodsman by forcing me to rely on my knowledge, experience, and woodscraft instead of my gear.

Regardless of what type of adventure you seek, you will find that the right backpack will help make it an enjoyable memory for years to come. So take some time, do some research and pick out the perfect pack for your adventure life. Remember, you are not getting married to your first pack. Explore, date a little, try some different packs. When you think you have the right one, test the crap out of it by adventuring!







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