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Your Guns not fully clean unless…it’s Gun Dude clean!

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We all enjoy cleaning our firearms, its a relaxing time that gives you the chance to inspect your firearm and appreciate the mechanical genius behind its production. But let’s be honest, with our hectic schedules its a challenge to find time for the range let alone time to clean your firearm properly. Next thing you know you have corrosion and failures to feed and even your range time looses it’s luster.

Well, now The Gun Dude can take that burden off your back, just drop your firearm off on the way to work and we will clean it for you!

We charge $75 and hour and will be glad to either field strip or detail strip, clean, visually inspect, and lubricate your firearm!

Simply choose your your type of firearm, the level of cleaning, pay and drop it off…we’ll handle the rest!

Additional charges may apply based on actual time required, billed in 15 minute increments at $75/hr.

Additional information

Field Strip

A simple disassembly of the firearm, dip in the ultrasonic cleaner, scrubbed, bore brushed, lubed and reassembled.

Detail Strip

Firearm completely disassembled, all removable items such as firing pins and extractors removed and scrubbed individually, all parts dipped and hand scrubbed, bore scrubbed, reassembled, and lubricated.


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